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Restless leg syndrome in the emergency department: Things I know nothing about


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Nov 10, 2014 by @shawnabellew · View  

Save face: Managing facial trauma in the emergency department




From the moment Sophocles had Oedipus gouge out his own eyes to The Dark Knight’s Harvey Dent’s persona transforming disfigurement, few injuries are more horrifying than that of facial trauma.

While grappling with our initial reactions to these injuries, there are several general points we must keep in mind.

  • Do not be distracted, as always assess for life-threatening injuries first.
  • In particular, these are often high force mechanisms that produce concomitant:
    • Airway obstruction.
    • Cervical spine injury in 10-15% of cases where the patient is unconscious.
    • Intracranial injuries.
    • Carotid or vertebral artery dissection.
      • Particularly true in Le Fort II and III.
      • Mnemonic: Two and Three think Arter”ee”


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