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Sun, Mar 19 at 8:42am CDT by @tessindistress5 re: The truth about Small Bowel Obstruction · View  

I'm glad I found this site I have been sick this whole week. 3 years ago had a back surgery last march on my 60th birthday total bowel blockage 3 inches removed Ng tube for 2 wks. Nov,2016 7 hernias
Repaired and cleaned out adhesions. Jan. 2017 small bowel blockage ng tube 1wk. In hospital Monday in hospital er. For 8hrs. No blockage horrible pain,vomiting,bloating tonight with fever so tired of living in fear. Sips of water staying down now. Still think about going to er. For fluids. So tired but now I know I'm not alone. You are all living with this I can to, thank you for sharing. 6 to 8 grams of fiber a day.

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