October 25, 2014

KDIGO Definition of Acute Kidney Failure

By Daniel Cabrera



According to the current KDIGO definition(1), Acute Kidney Injury is defined as:

  • Increase in serum creatinine  by ≥ 0.3 mg/dl (X26.5 lmol/l) within 48 hours; or
  • Increase in serum creatinine to ≥ 1.5 times baseline, which is known or presumed to have occurred within the prior 7 days; or
  • Urine volume < 0.5 ml/kg/h for 6 hours.





  1. KDIGO clinical practice guideline for acute kidney injury. Kidney Int Suppl. 2012 Mar;2(1):1-138. Full text here.

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