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Sep 18, 2015 · A Learner’s Perspective on Social Media Medical Education versus Traditional Medical Education

Nice post! I agree with the notion that social media is just that–a medium, a tool, just like a book–albeit a very engaging one. It shouldn’t have to stand alone, just as you can’t expect students to learn everything by reading their way through Rosen’s on their own. Social media without guidance and context is just like a textbook with no teacher. It’s not ‘is social media good’ or ‘is social media bad’ for learners — the question is: how can educators innovate in order to really harness the power of a medium that’s here to stay? (And powerful it is–how else would I already have read your post from my little corner in Rhode Island?) And like anything innovative–it’s untested. That’s what makes this so exciting!

We’ve started heavy incorporation of social media material in our didactic curriculum at Brown, and I’m really interested in hearing how educators at other institutions are doing it as well. Looking forward to more #SoMe conversations about it. And reading your primary literature updates too, of course.

Thanks for a thoughtful read!

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