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September 29, 2020

Under Pressure!: Acute Blood Pressure Management in Emergency Medicine

By ejschwartz ejschwartz (@ejschwartz)

Bergthor Jonsson, Cand. Med. Dr. Jonsson is a second year emergency medicine resident at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN Acute blood pressure management in the emergency department is in my mind one of the most confusing and controversial topics in emergency medicine. Different blood pressure targets have been proposed for a variety of emergency medical […]

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Tags: emergency medicine, hypertension, hypotension

July 29, 2020

Impact of scribes on throughput metrics and billing during an electronic medical record transition

By ejschwartz ejschwartz (@ejschwartz)

Emily Woods, MD Dr. Woods is an emergency physician at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN and SE MN. This study was recently published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. The objective was to evaluate Mayo Clinic Emergency Department’s already established scribe program on throughput and revenue capture while Mayo Clinic underwent EMR transition. We used a […]

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Tags: electronic medical record, emergency medicine, scribes

June 30, 2020

IN ketamine meta-analysis

By ejschwartz ejschwartz (@ejschwartz)

Authors: Jana L. Anderson, MD and Lucas Oliveira J. e Silva, MD Dr. Anderson is a pediatric emergency physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. Dr. Silva is a research fellow in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. The emergency department is the front line for pain […]

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Tags: emergency medicine, ketamine, pain control

June 15, 2020

How can we improve the experience of older adults in the emergency department?

By ejschwartz ejschwartz (@ejschwartz)

Bottom-line for clinicians and administrative stakeholders: This systematic review highlights potential interventions that could be used to improve geriatric patient experience in the ED. Effective interventions were department-wide interventions aimed to provide comprehensive geriatric-friendly acute care.

Bottom-line for researchers: This review highlights the need for validation of patient experience questionnaires as well as the need for providing detailed descriptions of intervention strategies, with special attention to intervention fidelity.

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