August 10, 2015

The VAPORS and the Resuscitation Sequence of Intubation – Richard Levitan

By Daniel Cabrera

Last Friday July 31st we were fortunate to host Dr. Richard Levitan for his annual airway workshop, this year we experimented live streaming Dr. Levitan's lecture using Periscope. The experience was a huge success, with people attending from all over the world.

Periscope is a great tool for on-the-spot live streaming and for a wide audience, as the technical requirements are rather minimal. At the same time, sometimes the end-product can be a little bit rustic, particularly with the audio and there is no built-in method to save the broadcast for further use. We are still in the experimentation phase with this tool.

Here we present a screen video capture of the Periscope broadcast; we apologize for the sub-standard video an audio and some incompleteness, but the content captured is so high-yield we feel is worth to publish in the current format, particularly considering the experimental nature of this.

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