January 20, 2016

A comment on How RFID Technology Improves Hospital Care

By Daniel Cabrera


In December, Drs. Hellmich and Pasupathy published an article in The Harvard Business Review describing How RFID Technology Improves Hospital Care. The article outlines the Mayo Clinic ED-Clinical Engineering Learning Labs multidisciplinary efforts to install an RFID (radio-frequency ID) real time location system to improve operational efficiency and patient care in St. Marys Emergency Department.

The impact on clinical care of the new RFID technology include:

  • Decrease search time for staff, patients, and key equipment
  • Improved data capture of CMS reported metrics, e.g. time to provider, length of stay
  • Expedient contact tracing of staff who were exposed to infectious diseases like TB, Pertussis
  • Retrospective event mapping of adverse events to improved patient care
  • Identification of system constraints in flow of patients and equipment.

Here the Harvard Business Review Article:




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RFID Technology plays very important role in hospital care. It decreases search time which is beneficial to both patients as well as to doctors. The time saved by doctors by using RFID Technology can be implemented on other patients. It can also be able to find the disease in short period of time from which the patient is suffering.

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RFID Technology very important for hospital care.It’s soo benifit for patient and doctor because it’s saves valuable time.

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