April 20, 2016

SAEM 2016 Consensus Conference in Shared Decision Making

By Daniel Cabrera


This year's SAEM consensus conference is focused in the critical issue of Shared Decision Making in the Emergency Department. Several our our faculty are heavily involved on this endeavour and we would like highlight this event.

Here an extract from the SAEM CC brochure:

Shared decision making is a collaborative process between patients and providers to make important healthcare decisions when more than one reasonable option exists by incorporating the best scientific evidence, timely and effective communication strategies, and individual patient priorities. Although shared decision making is ideal, it is not always either possible or appropriate in time-dependent emergencies. The AEM Consensus Conference will focus on both appropriate disease-specific EM scenarios and research methods and priorities that are relevant to shared decision making.

The goal of the 2016 AEM Consensus Conference is to stimulate a robust research agenda from investigators both within and outside emergency medicine that is informed by patient experience. We will investigate how to incorporate shared decision making throughout the design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of research. We will systematically evaluate the role and potential impact of meaningful shared decision making on research planning, design, analysis, and outcomes. The conference proposes to build a foundation upon which researchers can build interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarship, networks of expertise, discussion forums, multicenter collaborations, evidence-based publications, effective policy, and improved education. The overarching themes of the conference have been guided and informed by NIH and PCORI research priorities on shared decision making.

By the way here a video to share and remember that the hashtag is #aemcc!

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