September 23, 2018

Mayo Clinic at ACEP Scientific Assembly 2018

By Daniel Cabrera


Sunday Sep 30

All day

ACEP Council Meeting

Venk Bellamkonda, Heather Heaton and David Nestler



Monday Oct 1



QI, operations and administrative job opportunities (EMRA). Ranch Santa Fe, N Tower. 3rd Floor.

Venk Bellamkonda.

4:00pm - 5:00pm


Clinical features associated with nonhistaminergic and histaminergic angioedema in emergency department patients

Lucas Oliveira J. e Silva, Xiao-wei Liu, Ronna L. Campbell, David W. Barbara, Kiran Goyal, Ana Castaneda-Guarderas, Benjamin J. Sandefur.


Tuesday Oct 2

9:00am - 10:15am


Predictors of 30-day return visits among octogenarians presenting to the Emergency Department

Fernanda Bellolio, Jessica Stanich, Laura Walker, Ronna Campbell, Nataly Espinoza, Molly Jeffery.

EMF. Paths of ED Care: Facilitating shared decision-making in goals of care discussions in the acute setting

Laura Walker, M. Fernanda Bellolio, Mike Wilson, Bjorg Thorsteinsdotti, Kevin Shaw, Ian Hargraves, Erik Hess


Everyone loves a popsicle--- a simple and affordable intervention to improve patient satisfaction

Jacob Voelkel, Ryan Finn, M. Fernanda Bellolio, Jeff Wiswell.


The satisfaction of empathy. QIPS Lecture.

Ashley Sievers. Convention Center, Upper Level, Room 10.



10:45am - 12:00pm


Validation of the Elderly Risk Assessment Index in the Emergency Department

Nataly Espinoza, Laura Walker, Jessica Stanich, Molly Jeffery, Ronna Campbell, Paul Takahashi, M. Fernanda Bellolio.


Prevalence of Pediatric Pain-Related Visits and Opioid use in the Emergency Department

Jana Anderson, Shealeigh Funni, Molly M. Jeffery, M. Fernanda Bellolio.



4:00 pm- 5:00 pm


Effectiveness and safety of droperidol in an emergency department in United States

Charlene M. Gaw, Daniel Cabrera, M. Fernanda Bellolio, Alicia E. Mattson, Molly M. Jeffery.



5:00pm - 6:00pm.


The Impact on ED Visits with a Telemedicine Program Interfacing with a Nurse Triage Call Line

Christopher Russi, Kerie Olson,  Debra Cox, Elizabeth Fogelson, Alex Beuning, Skip Powell, Peter Smars


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